Connect Forms WordPress with Odoo

Integrate your WordPress website forms such as GravityForms, ContactForms, WPForms with this plugin that with FormsCRM, allows you to send the filled forms directly to the Odoo ERP system.

With this plugin, you don’t need to use an external software to send potential data to your Odoo. You will have a direct connection between your web and your Odoo. It is a direct connector between Web <> CRM. No external connectors.

Why would we need to connect the forms to Odoo?

Customer registrations.

Request for information from a potential contact to be transferred to the CRM.

Fill in the SEPA form, pass the data to the contact.

Note: The connection with Odoo is with API JSONRPC. Check if you have this connection installed to make it work.

How to install?

Install a form plugin on your WordPress. We currently support GravityForms, ContactForm7 and WooCommerce.

Install our FormsCRM plugin from the official WordPress repository.

Install our plugin in your WordPress installation.

Use the Settings of each form plugin and select Odoo, and add the Rest API token.

In each form, you will have to go to its FormsCRM settings, to set the relationship between the Odoo fields and the fields of your form.

And you got it!

Each time a form is filled out, it will go directly to your billing system.

What is Odoo?

Odoo is an open source ERP, which allows you to globally manage all the needs you have in a company, from purchasing, sales, accounting, invoicing, payroll, social media management, human resources and much more from the same software.

It allows you to control from a single place all the areas that affect our business in real time.

Some of the modules of which this platform is composed are the following:



and anyone that is dynamic.

Connector tested with Odoo versions from Odoo version 10.0 to the latest versions

Connect your web forms and send them to Odoo directly without going through a third party.