We migrate your website to the native layout artist to ensure comfort and usability

From Close·technology we carry out a fast and effective migration of your web content to WordPress. So you can start working easily in a professional and exclusive environment such as WordPress.

In addition, we migrate your old builders such as Divi, Elements or Page Builder SiteOrigin to the WordPress Gutenberg editor or migrate your Prestashop online store to WordPress WooCommerce.  

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Why migrate to WordPress Gutenberg

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Use of blocks

Convenience when structuring content with this new format, since everything is more organized and you can make any modification in a simpler way. In addition, there is the option of reusable blocks, being able to create a custom block and use it quickly.



Migrations to WordPress Gutenberg provides great ease when writing an entry, thanks to its configuration in text and images, make it easier and faster to work.


Duplicate content

This tool allows you to duplicate content with just a couple of clicks.


Wide variety of tools

You’ll get very comprehensive toolbars, where alignment options, text formatting, colors, and more, will appear with respect to fonts.


Gutenberg is expandable

Gutenberg blocks are exportable and importable, allowing you to easily expand the number of blocks.

Why migrate from Prestashop to WordPress WooCommerce

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The company that led the development of Woocommerce, was bought by Automattic in May 2015, since that date, Woocommerce has surpassed Prestashop in popularity. Surely many users would trust Woocommerce more since then.

All in one admin

Having WordPress + Woocommerce means you have a single admin to manage your online store, blog, static pages, and more. And in addition, it is very easy to manage and maintain.

Better sales opportunities

The blog is a tool to get new customers. The better it integrates with the online store, the better the options we will have so that the user “does not get lost” and continues browsing to buy in our store.

The migration process will be as follows

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  • We study the current system that your website has. 
  • We migrate all data: products, images, categories, orders, customers, employees, discounts, coupons, logins, passwords and much more. 
  • You start using your new website. 

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