Who we are

  • Company Name: Closemarketing, SL.
  • Commercial Name: Close·technology
  • Registered Office: Avenida Fernando de los Ríos, 11 C.E. Fernando de los Rios Portal 3 Oficina 15 18100 Armilla, Granada (Spain)
  • Tax ID: B19618909
  • Phone: +34858958383
  • e-mail: info@close.technology

The following terms and conditions apply to the purchase of any premium plugin or theme from the Close·technology store. If you do not agree with them, you can consult us beforehand or not proceed to the purchase of our products. Our products are on sale for people over 18 years old.

We reserve the right to change the conditions at any time prior publication on our website.

To know the treatment we make of the data provided, you can consult our privacy policy and cookies.


We provide personalized support for our premium plugins purchased under the following conditions. Support expires one year after purchase. Each purchase involves support for a single linked website or service. It will not be possible to move support from one site to another, and it will only be granted on a one-off basis when it is really justified. In any case, if a support ticket associated with a domain has already been attended, said support cannot be moved to another domain, for the same order.

Support includes:

  • Personal attention when there is a problem with the configuration of the plugin
  • The resolution of general bugs of the plugin
  • Sending updates or downloads of the plugin in that period

Outside that period the user therefore has no right to download the plugin (which will be updated to its latest version).

Basic support does not include installation and configuration assistance, unless it is indicated as such within the specific product (plugin or theme).

It is possible to request updates to the plugin while your order is in support, if the support expires, you will have to renew it in order to continue having updates to the plugin.

Support is offered by email through info@close.technology or through the forms placed in each of the plugins. We tend to be quick to respond, unless you catch the whole team on vacation.

To support you, sometimes, we will ask you for certain accesses or some data about the site or the gateway. These plugins work on thousands of sites some of them and their operation is guaranteed by Close·technology. If something doesn’t work, the problem comes from a bad configuration or some kind of conflict with your hosting, your site or another plugin. We don’t mind spending the necessary time to solve it, but we will always try to do it in the fastest way for both parties. If for some reason, you prevent us from doing it in the simplest and most practical way for both parties, time will multiply exponentially, so we will consider that you are putting obstacles to offer you support and we can not assure you that we will give it to you in those conditions.

Multi-site use

Each purchase entitles you to use the plugin indefinitely (forever) on a site. If you want to use the plugin on multiple sites, you’ll need to purchase the plugin multiple times. We consider a purchase an order with a single product, or if the order includes N items of the product, then each item of the order. If it is the same site, but with different domains, we will consider that it is really different sites, so you will have to buy a plugin for each domain.

If you are going to need the plugin on several sites, take advantage of our discount policy, in which, for the purchase of:

  • 2 licenses of a plugin you get a 20% discount
  • 3 licenses of a plugin you get a 25% discount
  • From 4 to 5 licenses of a plugin you get a 30% discount
  • From 6 to 9 licenses of a plugin you get a 40% discount
  • More than 10 licenses of a plugin you get a 50% discount

If you have previously purchased a plugin, write to us to offer discounts similar to these for your next purchases.

Violation of License Terms

If any of the license terms described herein are violated, Closemarketing, SL will cease to offer support to the company or natural person that has broken the terms of the license. The fact of losing support will also imply the loss of the right to obtain updates. The company reserves the right to exercise other types of legal actions in case it deems it appropriate.

Payment methods

The accepted forms of payment for our products are:

  • Bank transfer: the transfer must be made using the reference of the order for its correct identification. The order will be sent as you send us by email the proof of the transfer and we can confirm it in our account.
  • Secure payment by PayPal (this payment method has a commission of 4%). To know more information about this payment method you can consult their website: www.paypal.es.
  • Secure payment by credit or debit card. Through this means of payment, and using Closemarketing’s own technology for payment gateways for WooCommerce and Stripe. Once there, in a secure environment controlled by the bank and by RedSys, the largest provider of electronic payments in Spain, you will be asked for your card details to proceed with the payment. Once the payment is made, you will return to the Closemarketing plugin store. This data will never be on our site, we redirect the process to the bank to ensure that you will pay with the highest possible level of security.

Acceptance of terms and conditions

The completion of the purchase process by the customer implies knowledge and acceptance of the conditions detailed herein.

Refund and Return Policy

At Closemarketing we like clarity and transparency. In the store, all our products enjoy our guarantee of reliability, which far from delving into technicalities is summarized that in case of malfunction, if we are not able to fix the problem, we will return your money. In short, first of all we will try to offer you the best support, completely free of charge for you, and in case you do not manage to solve it then we will refund your money. Keep in mind that in order to reach this case, we must always have been able to provide support and have reliably verified the problem and the impossibility of solution on our part through support. If you prevent us from giving you support, you will not be able to exercise this right because we will not have been able to first check the problem and second have tried to solve it.

We won’t be able to fix the problem if you’re using outdated versions of WordPress, WooCommerce, or any other element. So the first thing you should do in those cases is to make sure you have the updated versions. With old versions we can not give guarantee of operation, and therefore, we can not return the plugin if it does not work because the problem will not be of our plugin, but of the old versions of WordPress and WooCommerce.

Can I return a product without further ado?

We do not have any inconvenience, if you found a solution that best suits your need you have up to 15 days to return it and within a maximum period of one week you will receive the refund, as long as the product has not been previously downloaded. For each purchase, a unique download link is generated, which if used is registered in our database. It is our way of making sure the product that you want to be returned has not been downloaded before.

Our return policy is simple. If you cancel an order for a product or request the return of this in compliance with the prerequisites, then we will remove the link to the downloadable file and we will not charge you any amount for it, generating the corresponding return. The process would be:

  1. You request the return by writing an email to info@close.technology. You have to do it during the first 15 days from the realization of the purchase.
  2. We check if the return proceeds by complying with the prerequisites, either because it has not been used / downloaded or because of malfunction.
  3. In case of malfunction, we will proceed to help you. In case of not being able to solve it (so far it has not been the case, let’s cross our fingers) we will proceed with the return.
  4. We will not consider that there is a malfunction of the plugin if your site is not conveniently updated (you do not need to be in the latest version of WordPress or WooCommerce or the corresponding plugin, but it is true that it is impossible to support if your version of WordPress or WooCommerce is several months or years old). First update in this case and if the problem persists, tell us.
  5. Nor do we consider that there is a malfunction if your hosting or any element of your site prevents the proper functioning of the plugin (usually preventing the receipt of the notification of payments).
  6. Within a maximum period of one week you will receive the refund through the same means with which you made the purchase. Bank transfer, PayPal or credit card.

For more information, contact us through the form or write us an email.

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