Creation of balanced scorecard

New technologies give us the option to control and manage a large amount of data. The management and analysis of the different data is allowed to monitor and analyze the situation in which the company finds itself in real time.

The dashboards are the best option to synthesize the information of a company and see globally if the objectives of the same are being achieved.

This business management tool allows you to measure the evolution, objectives and results that a business is having.

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Advantages of using a CMI

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Using dashboards for your company will offer you different advantages:


It offers a global vision of the current situation of the company


It allows you to localize the different processes of a company and focus on making them work well


Provides different approaches to running a business


Improve the management of your company


Evaluation of improvement techniques

Implementing a strategy in your company and measuring it through a comprehensive dashboard is an important step to achieve the objectives.

Dashboard interface: Google Data Studio

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Google Data Studio is one of the most complete applications for the creation of dashboards that allows you to connect with different applications to collect all the data.

On this platform the data is synchronized automatically. Through connectors and integrations, it obtains the data of the different systems and analyzes it.

Connecting to applications

We integrate the dashboard with different applications.












Any application with API

Analyze the impact of your company’s actions

Research and analyze the impact of the different actions that are being executed in your business on a single platform. Make smarter decisions by the company organization.

We link the information of your company in the different programs and tools and we show them with the most important indicators according to the needs of your company.

Monitor the visits that your website is having, the impact on the different social networks, the conversion rate or the percentage of objectives met.

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You can perform a search for the main keywords so that your website comes out in the first results in the search engines. In this way you will get a guide for the different actions that are being implemented in the company.

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Study structured data on the impact of social media actions to better understand your audience.

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It collects the main indicators related to advertising in Google Ads to have a monitoring and control of the results obtained.

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Would you like to have a global vision of your business with the creation of a dashboard? Contact us!

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