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In Close·technology we are specialists in the creation of a custom development for your website in WordPress, that is, we analyze your needs and create a website adapted to achieve your goals.

We create custom websites for our clients, both in web design and in functionality and performance of the page, being able to configure it completely to measure.

If your website needs extra functionality, we develop a plugin that carries it out. A development of this type allows the client total freedom when managing content and also provides added value in terms of security.

Desarrollo A Medida

Advantages of opting for a custom development


Greater integration with third-party platforms: 

It facilitates the possibilities of integration in other digital platforms, from a sales management to a reservation on another website. This will allow an optimal management of your business.

New features

If your website needs a new functionality that you do not find with any plugin that is currently on the market, we develop it in a totally personalized way.

SEO Optimization:

These types of developments are set up for search engines to index very quickly. That is, specifically oriented to SEO and therefore have greater possibilities of positioning in search engines.

Exclusive design:

By opting for this bespoke option, it means having a totally personalized and unique website, making your brand more exclusive.

Custom plugins for WordPress


Plugins with new features

We carry out the creation and development of WordPress plugins with all the features and different functionalities that your business needs.

Plugins for WooCommerce

If you have an online store and need a unique operation, we develop the plugin that will make you have it. In addition, we integrate your online store with your management program.

Updating plug-ins

We take care of keeping all the plugins on your website updated so that you get the best results.

Creation of documentation

A custom plugin needs accompanying documentation for installation and use.

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