Connect your WordPress with your CRM with Clientify

If you have a WordPress website and want to link it through a direct connection with your Clientify CRM, these plugins can help you. It is a simple and efficient way to complement these platforms for optimized management.

Avoid using external software to manage your CRM data and customers by gathering everything you need in one place.

Clientify X WordPress

Benefits of connecting your WordPress with Clientify CRM

WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms for creating and managing websites. On the other hand, Clientify is a CRM manager that allows you to organize sales, team and contacts in order to improve the marketing and organization of your business. With this tool, communication is simplified and optimized, improving the conversion rate.

By connecting your website with Clientify you will achieve:

Automatizar Los Procesos De Venta Online.

Avoid using external software.

Tener Toda La Información Centralizada.

To have all the information centralized.

Gestionar Todos Los Canales De Venta Desde Una Plataforma.

Manage data and customers from your WordPress.

Mejorar La Eficiencia De Los Procesos.

Improve the efficiency of actions.

Evitar Errores Humanos De Facturación.

Automate processes.

Ahorrar Recursos.

Save on resources.

Choose the connector that best suits your needs


We show you all the connectors we have available for your website to synchronize with Clientify, automating some of the most useful actions with the data collected by CRMs.

Connect forms with Clientify

It connects the forms so that when they are filled out, the information is stored in the CRM system, automating this process.

Create postal labels from your website

By connecting this plugin to your website with Clientify you will be able to generate postal labels through the label assigned to a group of CRM contacts.

Conecta Tiendas Online WooCommerce con Clientify

Gestiona los pedidos de tu tienda online sincronizándolo con tu CRM automatizando este proceso de una forma sencilla.

Custom integrations


These are some of the best known solutions on the market, but considering that WordPress is one of the reference platforms and CRMs are of great importance in today’s marketing management, there are other types of integrations with necessary functions for companies.

That’s why at Close-technology we analyze your business needs to create a fully customized integration.

Contact Close-technology and we will study what your business requires.


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