Connect your CRM directly with your forms plugin, and automatically submit to your CRM when it is filled in.

With this plugin, you don’t need to use an additional software to send data/prospects to your CRM. You will have a direct connection between your website and your CRM. It is a direct connector between Web <> CRM.

This plugin connects to different CRM forms plugins.

Right now it is compatible with the following plugins:



If you need to add support to more Forms plugins, please contact us in the support forum.

Plugin Configuration

The plugin setup is very simple. Once the plugin is uploaded, the plugin is configured with the URL, username and password of the user who will create the entries in the CRM.

After this, you have to go to each form feed that you want to connect to the CRM.You will assign the fields for each one and the equivalent for the CRM software field.

This plugin connects to your CRM via a web service API, the best and most secure way to do it. It does not use any external software. So you will comply with the RGPD by not having an external provider.

Plugin Compatibility

At the moment, FormsCRM is compatible in the free version with:

Logo Clientify

And you will see that there are premium add-ons to support:


V11, V12, V13, V14


Only one type of CRM can be used on the web with this version.

Connect your CRM with your forms plugin directly, and automatically send to your CRM when it is filled.