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Premium Plugins translation into Spanish

Wpspa Traducciones WordPress Ico

The WordPress community is very large and this makes the number of plugins (extensions) also large and for all kinds of features you want to add to your WordPress site or your online store with WooCommerce.

Most premium plugins are not translated into Spanish.

And it is for this reason that from Closemarketing, we have had the need to solve this problem. The WordPress WPSPA plugin translates the most popular premium plugins into Spanish. It is an Addon, which means that it does not include the original plugin, but adds the functionality of the Spanish translation to that premium plugin that you have already purchased. So you need to have already purchased the premium plugin for WPSPA to work and translate it.

WooCommerce premium plugins translated into Spanish

Here is the complete list of premium WooCommerce plugins which WPASPA is integrated with, therefore translated into English and which you can find in the most updated version. Consider that the license is a yearly purchase and allows you to update it automatically.

  • Cart to Quote for WooCommerce v1.0.13 (61%) | See Plugin
  • Follow Up Emails v4.9.8 (54%) | See Plugin
  • Fooevents Express checkin v1.12.3 (100%) | See Plugin
  • Fooevents Tickets PDF v1.2.9 (100%) | See Plugin
  • FS WooCommerce Wallet v2.6.5 (44%) | See Plugin
  • Multi Order for WooCommerce PRO v (64%) | See Plugin
  • Recover Abandoned Cart WooCommerce v22.6 (58%) | See Plugin
  • Save & Share Cart for WooCommerce v2.0.5 (30%) | See Plugin
  • WCMP WooCommerce PDF Invoices v4.9.2 (7%) | See Plugin
  • WCMP WooCommerce Product Manager v3.1.5 (32%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce Advanced Quantity v3.0.2 (100%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce API Manager v2.3.5 (14%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce Brands v1.6.21 (100%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce Composite Products v7.1.2 (100%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts v2.3 (78%) | See Plugin
  • Fooevents v1.12.3 (32%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce Force Sells v1.1.27 (93%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce Google Product v9.3.2 (53%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce Memberships v1.19.2 (100%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce Min Max Quantities v2.4.20 (28%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce Product Addons v3.1.0 (98%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce Product Reviews PRO v1.16.2 (85%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce Products Filter v2.2.4 (45%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions v3.0.10 (100%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce Waitlist v2.2.2 (90%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce Wishlists v2.2.2 (100%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce Local PickUP Plus v2.9.2 (100%) | See Plugin
  • WooTour v3.2.5 (100%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce Deposits v1.5.2 (100%) | See Plugin
  • WooCommerce One Page Checkout v1.7.8 (100%)