This is the documentation for the FormsCRM plugin and its FormsCRM Odoo extension.


To connect to Odoo, we need the following data:

URLUrl of the direct installation with Odoo.
UserUser that has been created to establish the connection with Odoo, which is an email.
API PasswordTo get it, you must go to Profile > Security of the > account and add a new API developer password. Then copy and paste into the selected area.
Odoo DatabaseWe enter Settings > Activate developer mode (with assets)
In the upper right, the database name is between (). Example: User (Db name)
Or you can also navigate to the address: /web/database/list
and you will have the list of databases in that installation.

Tested versions of Odoo

This plugin has been tested on Odoo versions:

  • Odoo 10
  • Odoo 11
  • Odoo 12
  • Odoo 13
  • Odoo 14
  • Odoo 15
  • Odoo 16
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