Conectar Tu Tienda Online Woocommerce Con Erp Holded 1

Connect your WooCommerce Online Store with ERP Holded PRO

This WordPress plugin is the PRO version of the free Connect WooCommerce Holded plugin published in the official WordPress repository.

With this plugin you will be able to import both individual products and variables, synchronizing in the direction of Holded to WooCoommerce.

Create a new menu in the administration inside WooCommerce called Connect Holded.

For the plugin to work properly, you will need to have a reference or SKU in both Holded and your plugin. If the SKU exists, it will import all the product data. It will also import the stock.

This is the Premium version, which also allows advanced functionalities.

Importa Atributos Como Marcas U Otros Que Hayas Configurado.

Import product categories from Holded.

Importa Categorías De Producto De Holded.

Import attributes such as marks or other attributes that you have configured.

Importa Productos Variables Con Todas Sus Variaciones.

Import variable products with all their variations.

Importa Productos Pack O Agrupados.

Import Pack or grouped products.

Tiene En Cuenta Las Tarifas Definidas

It takes into account the Rates defined in your Holded. So that you can sell with different prices on the web.

Automatiza La Importación

Automates the import to be performed automatically.

Genera Y Envía La Factura

Generate and send the invoice (or other document such as sales order, receipt, or sales ticket) attached in the Holded notification email.

Puedes Usar Diferentes Diseños De Factura

You can use different invoice layouts as defined in Holded.

Differences with Holded’s native plugin

Holded also has a plugin that connects WooCommerce with Holded, and that is why, here we give you a comparison between the two plugins. Our plugin has a more complete functionality that will allow you to have the best features.

Holded´s native plugin nativo

Automatic updating of products and orders

Automatic upgrades from Holded to WooCommerce

Automatic sending of invoices/documents generated from Holded

You may not use tariff prices

Close·technology´s plugin

Automatic updating of products and orders

Automatic upgrades from Holded to WooCommerce

Automatic sending of invoices/documents generated from Holded

Use a web pricing tariff using Holded’s rates.

In addition, in our plugin we have added an important new field which is the user’s VAT number.

What is Holded?

Logo Holded

Holded is a cloud-based ERP for Small and Medium Businesses, which greatly improves their management thanks to the integration of Accounting, Invoicing, Customer Management, Taxes and Human Resources.

Holded is the cloud tool that has everything you need to manage your business… wherever and whenever you want.

Module Management:

  • Billing
  • Contability
  • Human Resources
  • Proyects
  • Inventary
  • CRM
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You can also try the free version at repository official of WordPress.


Integrate your WooCommerce store with Holded, so you can sync products, orders, and invoices. Fundamental to save time in administrative management.