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Integrate Clientify <> Inmovilla

Manage your Inmovilla contacts in Clientify. 

The contacts that you acquire in Clientify and with whom you interact to carry out pre-sale in your company, you can manage them from the Inmovilla management software, to manage it within your real estate operations. 


  • Synchronization Clientify Contacts > Inmovilla
  • Said contacts updated in Inmovilla would be transferred to Clientify.
  • Automation every 15 minutes Clientify > Inmovilla
  • Most recent contact prevails from one platform to another.


  • Send Inmovilla spouse to Clientify.

Take into account

  • Inmovilla needs a phone to be able to create a contact. If it did not exist, it would be created as number 0.
  • The custom field will be created in Clientify called inmovilla_id.

Clientify: CRM Marketing Automation

Clientify is a marketing tool for managing customer relationships. One of the features of Clientify is the management of contacts, since it allows you to import contacts from social networks and later interact with them within the tool, such as creating tasks, holding meetings, etc. 

In Clientify we also find Email Marketing functionalities, automations, Landing Page, Contact Forms, Social Media and sales tools. 

It is important for businesses to capture sales opportunities and in Clientify you can carry out a complete sales process with customers, checking whether or not the sale was closed or those involved. 

Inmovilla: A Real Estate Management Software

Inmovilla is a very intuitive real estate program. It is one of the most complete software on the market, with unique utilities and functionalities.

With Inmovilla you can publish your properties in more than 30 free real estate portals automatically. Inmovilla manages the publication of your properties for you, saving you the time it took to contact each of them.

Inmovilla thinks of everything so that users find their future home or can sell theirs from anywhere in the world. It is prepared with a very easy to use panel and with a very professional design.