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Automation Export Invoices Holded

Export all the expenses and income of your company collected in Holded to CSV. 

You will be able to open the file with all the expenses and income registered in Holded directly in Excel, which will provide efficiency for the treatment of your business accounts. 


  • Export Expenses and Income to CSV (Data Table for Excel)

Holded: A Management Software

Holded is a software that concentrates all the management of the company, that is, invoicing, accounting, projects, CRM, human resources and inventory management. 

Using Holded will make everything in your company easier and more productive, as it allows you to increase sales, reduce expenses and be more productive. It adapts to the needs of your company and its handling is very simple. 

Among the advantages that Holded brings to your company are planning, administrative tasks and you can even store data in the cloud and share it with other devices. 

With Holded the cumbersome work of having the data in Excel folders, by hand or in numerous files is over, since it organizes everything in one place.