How to get the Clientify API Key

1) You must have the Clientify Enterprise version in order to get an API Key.

2) Go to your profile > Settings

Clientify Menu Configuracion Conexiones

3) API Menu, We copy said API Key


1.3 – 24 May 2022

  • Now we import the status of the Inmovilla contact as Labels in Clientify. Now the correspondence between Clientify > Inmovilla tags would be:
    • Buyer refers to Demand of Inmovilla.
    • Seller and Lessor, refer to Prospect.

1.2 – 12 April 2022

  • Internal paging arrangement with Inmovilla.
  • Synchronization of telephone prefixes.

1.1 – 5 April 2022

  • It already allows you to read the contacts of Inmovilla! It reads the modified contacts in Inmovilla daily and sends them to Clientify.

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FormsCRM vTiger

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BOT Clientify Inmovilla

BOT Clientify Gesintur

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