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WordPress Plugin: Sync WooCommerce Online Store with NEO

What is Sync WooCommerce with NEO?

This new WordPress plugin allows you to import simple products from your Holded store to Woocommerce. Through Sync eCommerce NEO apart from being able to import simple products, it will also create new products if you are missing the SKU code.

In the case of products with SKU code, they will completely be imported, including the available stock.

How to use it?

Our plugin has one of the easiest and most practical installation method you can find.

  • Firstly, we must install Sync eCommerce NEO.
  • Then, we open WooCommerce and create a new menu.
  • The next step is going to the product section.
  • Finally, we select the option “import products” from NEO.

In these simple steps you will be able to import your Holded products to Woocommerce.

Download free version.

Sync eCommerce Neo Premium

For those users who wish to get a better experience, we offer a premium service which includes:

  • Import categories from NEO.
  • Import attributes such as brands or others.
  • Import variable products.
  • Automate synchronization.

Become premium and get to the next level.