Formcrm Wordpress With Suite Crm

Connect FormsCRM with SuiteCRM

Connect WordPress forms with PipeDrive with this plugin. Submit these filled forms from your WordPress with SuiteCRM.

Steps to follow

  1. Install a forms plugin in your WordPress. We currently support GravityForms, ContactForm7 and WooCommerce.
  2. Install our  FormCRM plugin  from the official WordPress repository.
  3. Download our plugin to your WordPress installation.
  4. Use the Settings of each form plugin and select SuiteCRM, and add the Rest API token, which you can manually obtain from the SuiteCRM web application.
  5. In each form, you must go to its FormsCRM settings, to establish the relationship between the fields of SuiteCRM and the fields of your form.
  6. And now you have it! Every time a form is filled out, it will go directly to SuiteCRM.

What is CRM Suite?

It is an open source CRM that manages and administers the clients and sales of a company.

It is the world’s first warranty program for CRM systems that offers a total care package for your CRM needs.

Using this CRM you will get in your company:

  • Build relationships
  • Sales increase
  • You will involve your customers
  • You will get the satisfaction of your customers