Welcome to the new version of FormsCRM 3.8

We have updated our FormsCRM plugin that allows you to connect different WordPress forms with a CRM. You will not have to use external software to send data/customers to your CRM, since with this plugin, you will have …

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Update for Duplicate Publish Multisite 1.6

We have updated the plugin in order to update your images that have already duplicated. Full Changelog: Resend images after change it in source site. Fix: copying image only in first site. Changed method to …

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How to Add Custom Expiration in WooCommerce Subscriptions

We are going to see today a very simple way to increase the expiration options of a subscription offered by WooCommerce Subscriptions. We create a subscription type product When we create a subscription type product we have …

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New FormsCRM version 3.6: Connecting forms to CRM

Added Premium extension links: Immobile, PipeDrive, SuiteCRM and FacturaDirecta. Clientify: Added the option of custom fields to select in the form. Removed Freemius as a sales engine. Added support to the store. Arranged…

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Update Plugin Connect WooCommerce Holded

We share the changes of this new update of the WooCommerce Holded Connect Plugin. What do we find in this update? We have updated the plugin to offer: Premium Management in Removed support for Easy Digital Downloads. Filter products …

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Duplicate Publish Multisite Version 1.5 Update

What does the Duplicate Publish Multisite Version 1.5 update do? This plugin allows you to synchronize blog posts on a WordPress Multisite between different sites. An example of utility for this plugin is if you have a multisite…

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